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COVID-19 Face Mask Tips

woman in range crew neck shirt wearing white face mask

ISG Solutions would like to offer some tips on how to properly wear face masks to mitigate your chances of contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19). We recently saw an article by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution which does a great job of providing face mask tips. Below is a summary of the tips from How to wear a face mask:

  • Don’t wear a mask below your nose
  • Reduce gaps on the sides of your mask
  • Avoid wearing your mask around your neck
  • Avoid pulling your mask below your nose or mouth and back up
  • Beards make it hard to get a good seal around your chin

As mentioned in How to wear a face mask, ideally you want a mask that conforms to the bridge of your nose and along your cheekbones. ISG Solutions offers a 3-layer earloop face mask that provides the protection the CDC suggests on its website.

ISG Solutions is ready to help you transition back to the work place with Protective Face Masks. Order your Protective Face Mask from ISG Solutions today and save money and time.

--Team ISG