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COVID-19 Planning: Plan wisely to protect your family

Reality is the new “normal” for the foreseeable future is that protecting yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19 will be akin to buying toilet paper. You will never want to run out. Engaging publicly without a protective face mask poses significant risk to yourself and others. This also produces unwanted anxiety while you’re in public and not being protected. So, the key is planning and purchasing in bulk protective face masks.

Here’s an example to help you with your “COVID-19 Planning”. Let’s say you have a family of four and you and your wife have to go into the office 4 days a week. Your children also have to now go back to school. You should plan on using at least 2 mask a day (one could be a back-up). You should take the precaution of providing 1-2 masks a day for your children. So conservatively, you may need a minimum of 12 face mask a week for work and school related activities. If you also factor in Saturday and Sunday you should add one mask per person per day. That means you my need at least 100 face mask a week to provide you protection from COVID-19.

Even if we cut this amount in half, that means you could need 40-50 protective face masks per week. Conceivably, you could consume nearly 200 mask a month. This will require you to plan and secure safe affordable face masks, capable of mitigating the spread of the Coronavirus.

ISG Solutions can further assist you with you “COVID-19 Planning” by offering disposable face masks. Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks offer a safe and convenient way to provide protection for your family, not requiring daily washing or maintenance. You simply replace with a fresh one when needed. Plan and buy right. Order your Protective Face Mask from ISG Solutions today and save money and time.

--Team ISG